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Revolutionizing Retail Checkout

In today's fast-paced retail environment, efficiency and customer satisfaction are paramount. Our Assisted Checkout system is at the forefront of this revolution, offering a seamless and modern solution to traditional checkout processes.


ShopAssist™ is an innovative approach to the traditional checkout process in retail stores. It is designed to automate and streamline transactions, making the checkout experience quicker, more accurate, and more enjoyable for both customers and staff.

Key Features:

  • Automated Item Scanning: Employs cutting-edge technology for fast and accurate item recognition and scanning.
  • Adaptive Product Handling: Efficiently handles a diverse range of products, including special items like age-verified goods.
  • Reduced Shrinkage: With precise automated scanning and inventory tracking, the system effectively minimizes losses due to theft, errors, or mismanagement, contributing to better inventory control and profit margins.
  • Automated Learning of New SKUs: The system intelligently learns and adapts to new stock-keeping units (SKUs), ensuring up-to-date inventory management.
  • Integration into Existing POS Systems: Seamlessly integrates with your current Point of Sale (POS) system, maintaining the continuity of your existing checkout operations.
  • Adapting to Existing Checkout Flow: Designed to complement and enhance your current checkout process, ensuring a smooth transition for both staff and customers.
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ROI and Value Proposition:

The ShopAssist™ system is designed not just for efficiency but also for enhanced ROI. Here are the key areas where it delivers financial returns:

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Significantly reduces wait times, leading to a superior shopping experience.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlines checkout, enabling faster service and shorter queues.
  • Accuracy and Reduced Error Rates: Minimizes the chances of manual errors in billing and inventory.
  • Optimized Staff Utilization: Allows staff to focus on customer service and other important tasks, enhancing overall store productivity.
  • Flexibility and Ease of Integration: The system is versatile, capable of fitting into different retail settings without disruptive changes.

ShopAssist™ offers a unique solution in the retail technology landscape, setting itself apart from traditional self-checkout and fully autonomous checkout systems. Here's how:

Addressing the Limitations of Self-Checkout
Stand Alone Shop

Self-Checkout Systems:

  • Issue: They often transfer the burden of checkout to customers, requiring them to scan and bag items. This can lead to increased shrinkage due to scanning errors or intentional theft.
  • Customer Experience: Many customers find self-checkout cumbersome, especially with a large number of items or unfamiliarity with the system.

Our ShopAssist™ System

  • Solution: Automates the scanning process while providing the option for staff assistance, alleviating the customer's workload.
  • Customer Experience: Enhances the shopping experience by reducing errors, speeding up the process, and offering human interaction when needed.
Tackling the Challenges of Fully Autonomous Checkout
Autonomous Checkout

Autonomous Checkout Systems:

  • Issue: While they minimize the need for staff, these systems struggle with diverse product offerings, particularly in handling special items like fresh produce or age-verified products. They also require complex and costly installation.
  • Shrinkage: Autonomous systems often face challenges in accurately tracking all items, leading to potential losses.
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Our ShopAssist™ System

  • Solution: Offers a balanced approach that adapts to a wide range of products and store layouts. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems, avoiding the need for extensive modifications.
  • Shrinkage: Effectively minimizes losses through precise item tracking and real-time inventory management.
We absolutely need to embrace new technologies to reduce friction to drive more convenience, but we have to be very careful not to reduce this unique personal relationship that we have with so many of our customers.
Dr. Henry Armour

Dr. Henry Armour

NACS President and CEO

With ShopAssist, customers receive the same personal touch from store employees while benefiting from the efficiencies of self-checkout.


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Comparative Analysis


  • High Customer Workload
  • Variable Shrinkage Control
  • Limited Diversity of Product Offerings
  • Manual Learning of New SKUs
  • Requires modifications to your store
  • Limited SKU Handling Capability
  • Complex Age-Verified Products Handling
  • Variable Integration with Existing POS Systems
RAI Solution

Our ShopAssist™

  • Checkmark
    Reduced Customer Workload
  • Checkmark
    Enhanced Shrinkage Control
  • Checkmark
    High Adaptability Diversity of Product Offerings
  • Checkmark
    Automated Learning of New SKUs
  • Checkmark
    Requires no modifications to your store
  • Checkmark
    Supports Thousands SKU Handling Capability
  • Checkmark
    Seamless Age-Verified Products Handling
  • Checkmark
    Seamless Integration with Existing POS Systems

Autonomous Checkout

  • Minimal Customer Workload
  • Challenging Shrinkage Control
  • Limited Diversity of Product Offerings
  • Manual Learning of New SKUs
  • Requires modifications to your store
  • Limited SKU Handling Capability
  • Complex Age-Verified Products Handling
  • Complex Integration with Existing POS Systems

Transform the Retail Experience

Explore the advantages of bringing this cutting-edge technology into your retail space and see how it can transform your checkout process,
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