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Valuable, real-time, actionable data from your existing vision-capturing devices

Unique Journeys Mapped & Counting

Ambient Intelligence For Enterprise

Using our patented Viztel™ artificial intelligence technology, we turn your existing vision-capturing devices into steady streams of valuable, real-time, actionable data. In addition to monitoring the real-time journeys of people within your facitlity, we provide interpretation of their actions, areas of focus, and experiences as well. You will know in real-time where your bottlenecks are, what people are doing, and how. RadiusAI helps you identify lost opportunities and how to fix them.


Boost employee and customer satisfaction with a more productive environment.


Improve your top and bottom line by receiving data that can help streamline operations and drive greater value in your facility.


With real-time data and long-term statistical analysis of that data, we provide you the tools for greater efficiency.

Advanced Features

The RadiusAI Difference

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DiscoveryRadiusAITypical AI
Counts peoplecheckedchecked
Counts unique peoplechecked
Differentiates primary paying customers and non-paying customerschecked
Identifies where customers are, what they are looking at, how they interact with staff and displayschecked
Provides data required to make informed decisions beyond what you simply get with POSchecked

AnalysisRadiusAITypical AI
Analyzes datacheckedchecked
Analyzes data in real-timechecked
Real-time processing that allows for enhanced decisions in the momentchecked
Identifies peoplecheckedchecked
Identifies what a person is doing (scratching lottery ticket, eating a snack, reading a magazine, etc.) for meaningful data and insightschecked

FlexibilityRadiusAITypical AI
Operates in the cloud or edge computing allowing you to find the best solution for your needschecked
Field-tested and validatedchecked
Already tracking millions of unique journeys every monthchecked

We map millions of customer journeys every year, so you will increase sales every day

The focus of our human-centric AI is to nudge your staff in real-time allowing decision-makers to make swift, data-driven decisions which can ultimately reduce costs, improve revenue, and naturally lead to an increase in profit.

Full Stack AI Solution

We want to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Our design team will look at your existing camera layout and identify any additional areas of coverage that might be required to achieve a full view of everything that’s important to you.
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Integrates Into Your Existing Security Cameras
We'll work with your 2K or 4K cameras to turn a 2D world into a 3D data-rich environment.
Customizable Platform
Enterprise clients have unique needs. We can align with existing technological infrastructure such as POS and security.
Out of the Box Solution
Get up and running quickly. Identify points of congestion and enhance your customer experience today.

Add Value To Your Customers

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