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RadiusAI Wins VentureBeat's AI Innovator at The Edge

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RadiusAI took the top honors at VentureBeat’s 2022 Awards acknowledging leaders in AI innovation. RadiusAI was on hand to receive the award for AI Innovator at The Edge. In this category, the competition was steep. RadiusAI beat out robotics company Boston Dynamics and the AI innovation team at Ford to take home the prize.

It is a tremendous honor for our team to be recognized for their hard work in AI.

In 2022, RadiusAI is undertaking a large-scale computer vision deployment in the retail sector across fifteen states. The use of computer vision at the edge provides heightened security and cost savings to RadiusAI’s retailers and healthcare customers.

RadiusAI provides advanced visual intelligence in real-time through existing security cameras. Analytics include lot occupancy and dwell time, heat mapping, lot-to-store conversion, store analytics, queue data, and allow for rich experimentation for customers. All data is visualized on a customizable dashboard allowing for customers to make decisions that improve operations, efficiency, and ultimately improve the bottom line.

Visual AI adoption is growing across several sectors as it provides actionable data that is not available through other methods such as point of sale. RadiusAI has been delivering visual intelligence since 2017 and is a trusted leader in the sector.

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