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RadiusAI Welcomes Robert Hubbard as Vice President of Sales and Alliances

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[Tempe, AZ, April 15th, 2024] — RadiusAI is excited to announce the appointment of Robert Hubbard as the company’s new Vice President of Sales and Alliances. In his new role, Robert will report directly to CEO Aykut Dengi and will be responsible for leading the company’s sales and alliance initiatives globally.

Robert brings 30 years of experience leading sales and alliance teams within the information technology sector, Robert is poised to drive RadiusAI’s strategic vision forward. With a strong background in AI self-checkout, digital transformation, and retail analytics, Robert’s strategic skills will be instrumental in supporting RadiusAI’s mission to become a market leader in next-generation retail solutions.

When asked about his decision to join RadiusAI, Robert highlighted the company’s cutting-edge technology and its potential for industry transformation. “RadiusAI really stood out to me,” Robert commented.

"It’s rare to find Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence technology that’s so powerful, yet so easy to use and so highly regarded by customers."

Robert expressed his passion for helping customers realize insights found in their data and emphasized the transformative nature of RadiusAI’s approach to AI in retail. “Over the next several years, AI will find its place in the consumer marketplace,” Robert noted. “I’m very excited to be a part of that.”

Looking ahead, Robert is eager to work closely with RadiusAI’s growing team and to bring the company’s innovative technology to customers. “Their dedication to developing game-changing technology, while treating customers and employees like family, made joining RadiusAI an easy choice,” he added.

Robert concluded by expressing his admiration for the two RadiusAI founders Jeff Cox and Bobby Chowdary. “I’ve known Jeff Cox and Bobby Chowdary for more than a decade,” Robert remarked. “Their dedication to developing game-changing technology, while treating customers and employees like family, made leaving a Fortune 100 company to join a startup company an easy choice.”

"We're thrilled to welcome Robert Hubbard to RadiusAI! His expertise and passion for innovation align perfectly with our mission, and propelling us toward our vision of retail transformation. Welcome to the team, Robert!" - Aykut Dengi

About RadiusAI: RadiusAI is a leading provider of next-generation retail solutions, offering cutting-edge technology in AI self-checkout, digital transformation, and retail analytics. With a mission to revolutionize the retail industry, RadiusAI is committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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