Edge, Cloud, Or Hybrid

We Have You Covered.

Our deployments are flexible. Whether you want to run our technology onsite, in the cloud, or use the best of both worlds, RadiusAI can work for you.
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Export APIs

Beyond our dashboards you can access data through our APIs, seamlessly connecting those data streams to whatever in-house business intelligence tools you use.
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Custom APIs

Whether you have data sources you’d like us to connect with or tools you’d like us to integrate with, we’re here to help. We can create custom connections for what you need, from point-of-sale systems to RFID scanners.
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Secure, Safe, and Sustainable

The RadiusAI product suite is designed to integrate through vision, and other sensors, to produce rich anonymized data.
In real-time, we turn people into stick figures so our clients can know what their customers are doing while not identifying who they actually are.
If a client has an application that their customers use, we can integrate into the application and give the opportunity for an individual to opt-in if they wish to share any details that can improve their experience.

Strategic Partners

At RadiusAI, we value our strategic partnerships with integrators and providers. Before working with any company, we use a rigorous bilateral testing process to ensure that we are able to successfully function within their ecosystem.

Qualified Vision Partners

For the best visual experience, we recommend using a product from our vision partners as they have been tested, trusted, and qualified.