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Powering People

Helping you support the people who matter the most: your customers and employees.

At RadiusAI, we’re focused on keeping humans at the center of your business and elevating their work and shopping experiences.

Whether our technology is being used to provide employees with the ability to streamline the checkout process, eliminate delay-causing obstacles, or improve patient care, our objective is the same: To empower workers by giving them the actionable insights they need in order to provide incredible value to others

RadiusAI’s product suite boosts employee productivity by letting the staff know when and where they need to focus, leading to an increase in profits as they optimize their spaces

Use Cases

Here are some of the ways our clients are using our human-centric AI to boost their productivity:

Integrating into existing workflow management systems to help improve staffing decisions.

Identifying customer-caused delays & rewarding shift performance as gauged against throughput metrics.

Optimizing store design by using data-driven approaches like customer heat maps and traffic flow metrics.

Prioritizing patient care by taking the screening burden off of frontline healthcare workers.

Preparing staff members for sudden increases in customer traffic by using parking lot metrics to predict real-time surges.

Integrating with existing security systems to create real-time alerts.

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