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RadiusAI Health

Empowering Staff And Patient Experiences In Hospitals And Long-Term Care Facilities

With RadiusAI Health, we assist you with continuum of care.

Using existing vision sensors, and integrating our Viztel™ technology into patient monitoring software such as Epic™, we anonymously support the patient journey throughout your facility.

Using Existing Security Cameras

Real-Time Actionable Insights

Our proven solution has been validated at top hospitals in the United States
Using our Viztel™ proprietary ambient intelligence, we:

Screening Questionnaire

Touchless screening questionnaire, directing patients to next step

Patient Temperature

Accurately detect and record temperatures

Patient Journeys

Track patient journey throughout the facility

Parking Lot Analytics

Monitor parking lot for surge prediction

Attribute Detection

Detect for mask compliance, social distancing and hand sanitization

Anonymous Monitoring

Monitor patients anonymously for fall detection

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RAI Patient Journey

Targets entrances and waiting rooms of hospitals, outpatient clinics, surgery centers, retail healthcare locations, urgent care clinics, and emergency departments.

  • Records the patient journey starting with the patient's entrance and ending with the patient's exit
  • Checks for social distancing in the waiting room (Covid capability) and interactively assists patients with check-in
  • Measures key performance indicators such as waiting-room wait time before and after patients check-in
  • Performs pre-screening and contact tracing if in-patient turns out to be infected but asymptomatic (Covid capability)
  • Reports on the location of each patient and provides situational awareness to the care team
  • RAI Patient Care

    Targets care units (e.g., patient rooms or areas) at hospital, surgery center, urgent care, and advanced care-at-home settings.

  • Smart Rounds™ organizes nurse rounds, prioritizing patients who need attention, and checks the quality of the nurse-patient interaction
  • Check hand sanitization compliance and nudges for compliance in real-time to reduce hospital-associated infections
  • Predicts imminent falls, detects out-of-bed and fallen status, and alerts care team in real-time
  • Checks for compliance with care instructions
  • Measures mobility
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